Just about every woman features the woman take on whether or not
having period intercourse
is right on her. I can chat for days regarding the lots of
advantages duration intercourse can offer
. As an instance, it will also help alleviate cramps, shorten the duration of your own duration, and also result in higher intimacy with your spouse. I am talking about, blood can get every-where. You simply can’t get any longer close than that.

Trust me, i will entirely understand why many people
never enjoy period gender
. However mess is what’s turning you removed from setting it up in, well, absolutely
another tampon option
going to hit the industry which is designed to create any period intercourse worries disappear.

Its about menstrual disks.
The Flex Company
produced FLEX, a sleek, disposable monthly period disk which can be used for up to 12 hours. It’s doctor-approved to-be secure, user-friendly, BPA-free, hypo-allergenic, and wont trigger
harmful surprise problem
. On an even brighter note, the objective behind the merchandise is a fairly commendable one.

“FLEX was developed as an appropriate, as pleasing option to tampons, pads, and servings. We got significant problem with the items offered to us—but furthermore, we were troubled of the conversations being had about menstruation,” Lauren Schulte, founder and CEO associated with the Flex Company says to Bustle.

Truth be told. Durations are an all natural section of every woman’s life. It’s anything we should all accept. However, absolutely still an unnecessary stigma around it. Due to this, Schulte started FLEX with “a mission to produce good, engaging conversations about ladies’ bodies.”

Here are five things should be aware about FLEX:

1. Its An Intravaginal Unit

Schulte learned about
monthly period glasses
the very first time in 2014, and was immediately intrigued by their own pledge. However, she admittedly ended up being frustrated by exactly how challenging these were to put and take away. By generating FLEX, Schulte seems to get rid of that problem.

FLEX is placed straight in immediately after which right down to the base of the cervix and tucks in behind the pubic bone tissue. This creates a leak-proof seal while making the vaginal channel free—unlike a tampon or cup, which plugs right up a woman’s vaginal canal.

Like a monthly period mug, FLEX accumulates rather than digests your menses. But the main element huge difference would be that its worn during the foot of the cervix instead of during the vaginal channel. This enables for environment to flow freely, which will surely help minimize cramping. As a major plus, it will likewise allow for intercourse while putting on it.

2. It Really Is Disposable Might End Up Being Used To 12 Many Hours

Moreover it retains between five to eight tampons of material. It means you simply must change it about once or twice each day. It doesn’t absorb like a tampon, so it don’t result in bacterial infections or TSS.

3. Mess-Free Cycle Gender Is An Added Extra

FLEX freely markets by itself as “a new type of product for mess no-cost duration intercourse.” But Schulte and Head of Growth, Erika Jensen, had reservations advertising and marketing it as such. After hearing feedback from nearly all the early users, they learned that people who opted for not to end up being close in their duration for whatever reason, reacted positively to a product or service that would allow them to have intercourse during their period.

“FLEX allows lovers whon’t have formerly got period intercourse an innovative new chance to explore it and try it,” Schulte claims. “And for many of those who have been currently comfy having duration intercourse (such as us), FLEX saves our very own white sheets and we can enjoy the second much more, as opposed to operating on the bath.”

4. FLEX Is About Giving Women Alternatives

Relating to Schulte, 85 percent of women exactly who decide to try FLEX for the first time need change to their product regular. While women have actually responded very well on 12-hour leak-free safety, cramp reliefs, and disposability, Schulte says best go with they receive is the fact that FLEX is “so comfortable they skip they may be on the period whenever dressed in it.”

While which is fantastic, Schulte and Jensen fundamentally wish give women with choice.

“women can be wise,” Schulte says. “that is the genuine point. You want to give women another option. Thus, if they are like all of us and detest the options available today, they may be able change completely from tampons to FLEX.”

5. You’ll Be Able To Preorder Them Now

You are able to subscribe to pre-orders now at
The FLEX Company website
. Totally free types of the item are currently being supplied, subject to availability of course. They begin delivery the product out in September.

“We believe that many stigma about ladies’ times is actually pushed by decreased knowledge. So we think women are yearning to feel more comfortable throughout their periods, hence better items, engaging conversations, and a deeper understanding of the woman human anatomy will generate good change,” Schulte says


“Women spend virtually 25 % of their schedules menstruating, of course, if we are able to make women feel even slightly less uncomfortable about her human body during this time, we have carried out our very own purpose.”

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